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Gingerbread Holiday Basket

Gingerbread Holiday Basket

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Presenting the "Gingerbread Holiday Basket" - and the best part? It's just $1 to join the fun!

Get ready for some Holiday excitement! Enter a chance to win our "Gingerbread Holiday Basket" for just $1! 

What's hidden inside the basket you may ask? Here is a sneak peek at all the delightful things you can get if you win:

❄️Gingerbread baking kit (includes cookie mix)

❄️Gingerbread Oven Mitt

❄️Gingerbread Spatula 

❄️Set of 4 Gingerbread Plates

❄️Set of 4 Candy Cane Plates

❄️2 Baking Sets (includes measuring cups, whisks, cookie cutters & a rolling pin)

❄️ Kitchen Towel

❄️ Mini Charcuterie Set

You get an entry for every $1 donated. BUT the merriment doesn't stop there, if you make a purchase of $10 from our shop during our TIK TOK live, you automatically get entered into the raffle. For every $10 spent, you get 10 raffle entries! 

*Please Note: Taxes will be calculated at checkout 

Once you get in, there is no turning back, so lets enjoy the holiday magic together!⛄


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