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AirTag Collars

AirTag Collars

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Protect your pet by inserting an AirTag into this custom-designed Dog collar. It's made of high-quality Nylon and PVC that lights up at night, which adds a sleek finish and unique look for your pet!

**Please Note: This product does NOT include an Apple AirTag


  • Made of Nylon
  • Designed with reflective strips to keep your pup safe
  • Durable chrome ring included 
  • Free disassembly tool, screw instillation 
  • Anti splash design


                                     Girth                         Suitable Size

Small Approx.           13in- 15in               Approx. 10-30 pounds

Medium Approx.      15in - 17in              Approx. 30-50 pounds

Large Approx.           17in - 19in              Approx. 50-66 pounds

X-Large Approx.       19in - 21in              Approx. 61-88 pounds


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