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Dog Puzzle Feeder

Dog Puzzle Feeder

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This treat dispensing toy isn't just a fun toy for your four legged friend; it is also a great mental exercise toy to train and stimulate your pets mind and senses. If your dog is eating too fast or too much, this interactive puzzle can make your pet eat slower, and prevent any stomach problems and carpet stains!


Why do your pets need a dog puzzle feeder?

  • A great dog puzzle toy can help your pets become smarter and healthier
  • Improve Dogs' IQ & Cognitive Abilities :The puzzle game provides mental stimulation , keep dog's mind alert to increase its IQ .
  • A challenge puzzle game toy for dogs can greatly help dogs to reduce boredom & prevent dogs' anxiety and destructive behavior.
  • Provide Fun feeding ways for dogs , interactive game to improve the relation and stimulate pets to be more lively .
  • Non-Slip, non-toxic
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Round: Approx. 9.4 x 9.4 x 1.25 inches
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